A practicing attorney for over Twenty-Five years, Shawn Mills comes to the practice of law with unique skills and a unique approach to how he represents his clients. Shawn would tell you that if you do not experience the difference after just your free consultation then feel free to find the right attorney for your case. For over twenty-five years, Shawn Mills has seen that the average defendant does not get an attorney who explains both the law and the case to them. They are often told to plead “guilty” without fanfare. We believe in client education and not client dictation.

The reason that Shawn suggests such drastic action is that he is one hundred percent convinced that you will see the special approach that he brings to your case and your life after just a few minutes. Degrees in Psychology and Counseling are just the beginning; professional and life skills and experience that seem too diverse to be true, but are, all contribute to his uncanny ability to analyze your legal matter and prove to you that not only does he understand your legal challenge, but more importantly he understands you.

If you are in a legal pickle, do not let just a “normal” over-worked attorney treat you with a “take-a-number” mentality disrespect you, while Shawn will treat you with dignity and respect, valuing the relationship long after your case is behind you. Not only a lawyer, but a valuable life resource.

A native of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. Shawn moved to the Monterey Peninsula in 1969. Shawn attended the Pacific Grove school system through High School and completed two years at Monterey Peninsula College before transferring to San Francisco State University. Graduating with degrees in both Psychology and Social Work Education. When he was completing his upper-division studies, he spent two years working in San Francisco’s County Jail as an intern for a non-profit agency providing counseling services to jail inmates and their families. After returning to the Peninsula he attended community based Monterey College of Law. Shawn was admitted to practice law in California in 1997. Shawn brings a wide background of professional experiences to his practice of the law. He spent over a decade as a member of the United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve performing a wide rage of duties.

Shawn’s range of professional and life experience that he brings to the practice of the law allows him to see global solutions to legal issues. Shawn’s clients often say that it is this life experience that separates him from attorneys who simply went straight through college to law school. Shawn is different that most Attorneys who have no frame of reference in dealing with the real-life problems of the average citizen. Shawn has held a variety of professional positions working for business, corporations and non-profit agencies. Shawn Mills owned and operated a local computer consulting company, worked in the finance department at one of Monterey County’s largest non-profits and worked as an associate attorney in a local law firm prior to joining his law partner Michaeleen Moraz in 1999.